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3 Magical Tips to Make Your Biz Dreams Reality

It was no coincidence that the day I realized my Q1 doubled from last year is the same day a beloved client mirrored to me, “It’s so nice to finally feel receptive & feel safe about it!” Mmhmm, I see you, universe.


Here’s the thing & it’s not all about cash. This is about being proactively open to whatever it is we say we desire, readying ourselves to receive with as much attention as you might otherwise give your fears, busy work, heady focus, etc. Whatever you desire, business or otherwise, the quantum field wants to know:


Are you even open though? Have you given yourself permission to receive what you’re calling in? Because if not, it’s one big energetic ship stuck in the Suez Canal: nobody gets in, nobody gets out.

And since I’m always working on this receptiveness myself, here come the cosmic pop quizzes to test my commitment. Turns out, saying no is just as activating as our availability to receive as is saying yes. As I’ve told many clients, this is the no that gets you to yes!

Saying no to misaligned clients, lowball offers, comparison-itis and compromising yourself fast tracks you to where all those dream clients, name-your-price offers, embodied self-belief & full body yes experiences await you.


There’s wanting something & then there’s creating the conditions for it to arise. It’s the parable in Eat, Pray, Love: the guy praying & praying to win the lottery until finally God says, My son. Buy a ticket.

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣As I responded to the above client relaxing into her receptiveness, this is the part where you get to lean back, BE & receive. You’ve set the intention, you’ve bought the ticket, now allow.

⁣Here are my top 3 tips to open yourself up to receive what you truly desire in your business, and frankly, your life:

Check your awareness

Turn toward what version of yourself is actually driving your business, and explore how open and available she is to receive. Notice fear-based decisions versus moments of expansion — even, and especially, those that stretch you — and cultivate the latter. Give yourself permission to receive what it is you’ve been pouring your energy toward — and watch things flow.

Outsource to the unseen

You likely have a business team — VA, designer, copywriter, lawyer, accountant — but do you have an energetic board of advisors too? I have a select few people who I go to on the regular, for self-preservation, money magnetism, energetic clarity for client work and innovation and creativity.

Practice decisiveness

You already know the power of quick, clear decision-making in your business. Now you can continue to “yes” and “no” your way to aligned success from a higher perspective, knowing that every yes and every no is setting the path to what you seek. Get crystal clear and be relentless in paving your path.

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