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5 Steps to Release Anxiety and Tap Into a Higher Frequency

Today I wanna talk about how you can move through heavy emotions & return to a higher frequency. If you’re anything like me, you will have been feeling all the feels from the past few years. This pandemic has triggered a lot of heaviness and even now, there’s still sooo much of this energy stuck in the collective.

Trust me - I’ve felt all of these emotions. No matter what it looks like on the outside, even as a successful coach, I still have to face my emotions & process a lot of heavy stuff in my daily life.

The difference is - I’m able to get out of these states fast. Through becoming a coach and constantly educating myself on the topics I teach, I have learned the tools and strategies that help me process my emotions and get me back to a higher frequency.

But the thing is, 10 years ago, I would have crumbled and gone into a dark place pretty quickly.

If you are feeling a similar way, or if you are feeling lost, anxious, exhausted, sad (or any other heavy emotion), you can use this post as a step-by-step guide to let go of these heavy emotions and tap into a higher frequency.

You see, we can’t control what happens on the outside, but we do have control over what happens on the inside. YOU have the power to get out of a rut and start feeling empowered again. I promise and I am more than happy to support you in learning how to do exactly that.

So, let me guide you through my 5 steps to releasing anxiety & overwhelm to allow you to tap into a frequency that serves you better:

1. Connect with yourself

First up - you gotta (re-)connect with yourself. Give yourself permission to feel all the feels. Give yourself the time and space to process instead of suppressing what’s inside of you. This process will look different for everyone, but I love writing or journaling out how I’m feeling.

If you are experiencing heavy emotions, the best thing you can do is be easy on yourself and allow yourself the time to think about what is causing you to feel this way. And question whatever comes up.

We have been so conditioned to accept everything that comes up for us - when really, we need to find the truth within ourselves and see how we personally respond to things. If something doesn’t feel good, see how you can transform it into something that is positive instead.

You see - energy can always be transformed into new energy. We are always shifting our states, so rather than falling into old patterns, see how you can use this energy to build inner strength so it serves you better in the future.

2. Pay attention to your self-talk

The second thing is to look at your perceptions and your self-talk. Watch how you are labeling your circumstances - & instead of complaining that something is bad, try to shift your perspective instead.

Easier said than done, I know. But trust me- your self-talk and perception is everything. You don’t have to let your circumstances have power over you. Every day you have the opportunity to decide how you want to feel & how you want to react to what is happening around you.

You’ve heard the saying that thoughts become things, right? Here’s the deal: your subconscious is always listening. If you are always complaining that things are bad, then guess what - you will continue to notice things in your life that are bad.

Wanna shift your state? Try journaling 5 things that you are grateful for right now and every day and time you feel down.

Watch how your perception shifts as you change your mindset. Choose to see the good in everything. Trust that life is happening FOR you and choose to see every challenge as an opportunity to grow a lil more.

3. Communicate & connect with others

Over the past year, I’ve seen so many of my clients struggling with fears & heavy emotions. But none of these fears are new. The pandemic & the current state of the world is simply triggering & bringing these old fears up to the surface.

What we are experiencing is a collective shift. Old fears have been stored in our bodies until now and they are being brought up as emotions so we can work with them, let go of them & rise above them.

Trust me - this is the time to give more to yourself than ever before. Get to know yourself on a core level, tune in to your needs & take note of what you need. Now is the ultimate time for self-healing & reflection.

One of the best ways to do this is through connection. Self-connection is awesome, but as humans, we need social connection too. This is something that so many of us have been struggling with this year due to different restrictions in place, but you still have the opportunity to connect with others and reach out for support - even if it’s via Facebook, WhatsApp or Zoom. Put in the effort, leave your comfort zone, and connect with others.

So many strong women think they have to do everything alone - but, you don’t have to. You deserve to be guided through whatever you are experiencing.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support. Whether that’s from a parent, partner, friend, or mentor. Be vulnerable & be open with others and let them support you, too.

4. Go back to your self-care rituals

I lovvveeee self-care rituals - that’s why I always make time for my morning & evening routines. But by now, I’m sure you know that self-care is sooo much more than face masks & bubble baths. I’m talking about self-care that goes way deeper.

It’s easy to underestimate what we are going through. It’s easy to think that we can handle everything that comes our way & that we don’t have to prioritize ourselves and instead should just keep on pushing through, pretending that everything is fine. But the energies are heavy worldwide and you are allowed to acknowledge that as we need to do our part as individuals to help heal the world.

We need to practice energy & emotional management not only for ourselves & to release the heavy emotions that we are feeling personally, but also to benefit the collective. You see - when we heal as individuals, we heal the world as a whole.

Self-care honestly is key to this & I can’t say that enough.

5. Take it day by day

The last thing to remember here is that emotions & states come and go. Don’t ever rush anything & don’t force yourself while you’re struggling. Guess what - you don’t have to show up for others or be productive 24/7 if you don’t feel able to.

This is a time for communicating your boundaries & being easy on yourself. Show up for YOU and take it day by day.

I am here to support you if you need it.

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