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7 Talking Points to Better Your Business

The business/entrepreneur world can be intimidating, especially when thinking about a strategy to market yourself in a saturated industry..(especially on social media)! How do you separate yourself from the crowd, from people who do what you do?

Marketing all starts with your story, because it’s the one thing you have that your competitors don't. Stories sell, and how you share that story is the greatest tool you have to connect with your audience and highlight your business.

On this blog, we want to leave you with some thoughts to begin sharing more. You don’t have to overshare or be more vulnerable than you feel good about. After all, that’s part of being YOU.

People can smell fake-ness online like sharks do with blood. Any time you don’t back up what you share 100% it’s noticeable. So, be sure to pick and choose what feels comfortable to you.

These starter tips will help fuel a fire of confidence around your ability to open up more. Each time you share a little bit more of yourself, you give your readers more reason to trust in you. In turn, you gain a bit of confidence each time as a bonus.

Follow along with these 7 tips to share your story so others can connect with you, your services, product, and mission.

1. Share about your day

This is simple, yet powerful because sharing about the mundane help your audience relate to you, to see you as a human not a business.

Despite what social media sells to us, your audience doesn't need a perfectly curated caption or photo to like and trust you. In fact, they will find it refreshing to see you being real. If your day was low-key, disappointing, less-than-motivating, whatever! That’s okay. It shows people that you get it and go through days just like them!

Plus, if your product or practice helped elevate your day or got you through “x”, share! But make it real and not a sales pitch. No one wants perfect anymore. It’s boring. Be yourself.

2. Your Origen Story

You have to know the story behind why you are choosing to do what you do! People would love to hear it. In fact, the reason behind your passion is going to get you more people who are passionate for you.

Building a community around a product is not going to get you very far. Especially in this age of social media. It’s boring and it’s hard to trust. Let people in on the person/people behind the products and build that trust up with them.

3. Use the Stories of Clients Using Your Products or Services.

What better way to make people feel like you have a solution to their problem that is inviting, helpful, and needed, than to share your clients' success stories? Big and small wins both leave your new audience with hope about the results your own people have experienced. (Note - be sure you have permission to share direct words, images, etc.)

Sharing their names or not, the fact that you talk about your current client base and are proud of them is vital to sustaining a long-term business. Show your audience how much you do and how much you care about those you work with and for. We know, that you wouldn’t be building your own business if you didn’t have the desire to help and improve the lives of those around you!

4. Share What You're Learning

If you’re spending a lot of time on anything in your life, tell others about it! Help them decide on whether they want to be even interested in who. you. are. (We mention that a lot, don’t we?)

Share what you’re reading, listening to, or following to better yourself, your business, your relationship, and your life. Let them into your brain! Let them know what you’re interested in learning more about and invite them to do the same. .

5. What Do your Friends, Family, or Peers Think About What You Do?

This is a fun one and so so so simple. If you don't know, ask them!! And tell them to be honest!

This is simply just a great way to have a conversation and to share a big part of your life with your audience. You can talk about how you feel later. However, it’s always an interesting twist to hear what your loved ones think, or say, when you are making bold moves in your life.

6. (Follow Up) Share What You Feel

Sharing how you feel, about anything, is a way to be more vulnerable with your audience. When your audience sees your vulnerability as you open up your inner world, you are telling them that you trust them. In turn, they begin to realize that they can also trust you.

It’s an easy topic to go over how it makes you feel when you hear what other people think about what you do. (PS we hope that you will say something along the lines of: not letting it hinder or stop you from moving forward in your dreams).

7. Share About the Random Things That Make You Who You Are

The more you share the quirks, hobbies, thoughts, etc. that make you, you… the more chance you have at resonating with people and finding a tribe that is meant to be around you.

For example: what makes you uncomfortable, what makes you happy or laugh, what scares you, what have you watched or read recently?

Remember, don’t be scared to make anyone leave your pages after sharing who you are. Those people are not going to be a part of the community you’re building anyway.

All of these talking points are just the beginning of sharing the most powerful gift you offer... YOU! Each makes you unique. All of them help someone to see why you are different to work with.

You will attract the right clientele for YOU when you begin to let your personality shine through. If they aren’t into your story, no sweat... don't let that get to you. Those who don’t understand what you have to offer, aren’t going to stick around and don’t need to worry about those people. Truthfully, they would never be your customer anyway so why convince them to be by pretending to be someone you're not? (And if they were, you guys wouldn’t click). It’s a win-win for you when this happens. Take this as your permission slip to boldly share your gifts, your message, passion, and mission to the world! We can't wait to hear who discovers you and resonates with you and your story.

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