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Creating a Business Strategy that Sells

You’ve done it!

You’ve poured your heart and soul in creating a business with a mission and purpose, and you’ve hit the ground running to make this dream succeed. You’ve checked all the boxes and done everything “right”, but…

Why does it feel like you’re struggling to attract your ideal audience, let alone keep their attention? You know you have an incredible offer, a solution for their problem… so why does it feel like the numbers aren’t where they should be?

Before you start making a list of what you need to do, or worst of all, start lowering your prices, let us tell you what is actually missing.

Are you ready for it?

What’s missing is…. you.

The truth is that you don’t need to be “doing” more (in fact you need to be doing a whole lot less), you need to start being more. That means that you need to start making your business your own.

What does that even mean? When you have a business, it is already yours, right? Wrong. There’s a difference between owning a business on paper, and actually making it yours. Making your business your own means making it crystal clear that it’s yours by showing others how you are different and why people should choose you and your product.

The competition is wild and intense right now. While your timing for starting a business is on point with such a lucrative market, the competition is building on the daily. The most successful businesses are paving the way by creatively having their products and services stand out from the rest.

What’s the number one way to stand out?

Telling a story, specifically your story.

Stories sell. Anyone running their own show has to base their business strategy around creating the feeling of why THEIR services are the ones that should be chosen over the same service by xyz down the street, or next scroll on social media.

An effective business strategy starts with a story that taps into the emotions of your audience of a need for your services or products. Provide your own story of how you needed it, what you observed from others on how they needed it, etc. Doing this establishes that your business solves a real problem which proves that you are the one to choose over Jane Doe’s down the street.

Next, after you paint the picture of the problem your business solves, it’s time to shine! Set your business apart by telling a story your customers can relate to.

This is the fun part. Even if you’re selling the same exact thing as someone else (or a lot of someone’s), your story is unique. The reason why a customer buys from you and not the others, is because of your story - aka YOU. Your relatability and authenticity is what not only captures your ideal client, but keeps them coming back again and referring others to you.

Why? It’s the Know - Like - Trust factor. If they know the real you, they will like you, and if they like you, they will trust you and continue to stick around because they want to know more!

Let’s dive into this a little further and think about it (especially with social media)

Have you ever shared your product on social (one that you poured your blood, sweat and tears into… one that you loved) and received much less of a response that you expected? (Maybe even crickets - I’ve been there!!)

Have you given a discount anticipating a large audience to take advantage the INCREDIBLE deal… only to be disappointed?

This is because the world today is different, especially online. People buy from those they know, like and trust… they don’t buy the product. People buy products from Walmart and Amazon - and those aren’t your competition.

Your ideal audience is out there… wanting to buy from you!

So it’s time to get out there.

Finding your own spin on things is vital to success. You have to create an atmosphere where people are choosing to work with YOU, not just the product or service.

Plus, let’s think forward - and I’ll end this with a personal story. Down the road, you may take a turn away from the business you first established, or one you were working under (talking to you in direct sales). I’ve been here, multiple times. 15 years ago I started off in direct sales, was very successful, but I didn’t stay there. I started, built, and pivoted multiple 6 figure businesses in those 15 years as I was starting, building, and pivoting my own life journey.

So I know those to be true: if you’ve been telling your story and building the like, know, trust factor with your audience, they WILL follow you.

Why? Because they believe in you. You’ve guided and educated your customers with solid information and product. They know who to go to when in need.

As a multi-passionate person, your life will change, as will your direction. However if you have built your business strategy on stories (stories that build the know, like, trust factor) you will always have an audience on your new adventure.

As you read this, maybe you’re thinking:

I don’t know where to start. I don’t have an interesting story. How can I put my personality into all of you marketing, branding, pages, and website? How can I make myself come across differently than everyone else in my field?

The thing is, you don’t have to go totally left field. You don’t have some crazy wild story that makes you different. Remember, you want to be relatable. Promote the things you love and be real about it. Show up and let people know WHY your heart is in it. Give it time, and girl, I cannot wait to see what happens.

Trust yourself, and let the magic happen!

And for the love of everything - stop beating yourself up about everything you “should” be doing… and focus on who you are, who you are and want to be!‌

Here at Legacy Creatives Consulting, we help women business owners boldly hold their value and operate their business in their zone of genius by providing a back pocket business team - the one-stop shop for busy entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to take back their time and increase their profits with the people and systems to scale your business.

Are you ready to work smarter and not harder? Contact us here to see what partnering together looks like for you!

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