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Gene Keys & Human Design with Serena James

Mastermind Notes 5/26/23

Prosperity with Human Design


For today’s Mastermind, we are looking at our own Human Design charts to helps us understand our unique path to prosperity.

Resource | The Golden Path Prosperity: A Guide to Your Pearl Sequence by Richard Rudd (This book is the 3rd out of the 4 book series The Gene Keys Golden Path

The Gene Keys are Richard Rudd’s brand of Human Design. What we traditionally refer to as “gates” in Human Design are called “Gene Keys”.

What is the Pearl Sequence?

The Pearl Sequence focuses on 4 specific Gene Keys (gates) and their lines in your chart to help you activate and experience prosperity according to your design. (On your Gene Keys free report, it is the 4 spheres highlighted in blue.)

The circles on your free chart in the Pearl Sequence are called spheres. During this mastermind, we will be looking at the lines of these spheres:

• Sphere of Vocation

• Sphere of Culture

• Sphere of Your Brand (labeled as “Life’s Work” as this sphere overlaps with another sequence, the Activation Sequence)

• Sphere of the Pearl

There are numbers in each sphere. The number before the decimal is your unique Gene Key. The number following the decimal is your line.

You will notice your free chart also has words next to each sphere. The bold word at the top is the Siddhi frequency of your Gene Key. The word below that is the Gift frequency. Below that, the Shadow frequency. And at the bottom, the name of your line.

The Siddhi frequency is the highest frequency that we typically only experience fleetingly and not usually on purpose.

The Gift frequency is attainable- these are our natural gifts after all. To share these gifts is to shine our light.

The Shadow frequency is when you are out of alignment and also shows you where you leak energy. The Shadow frequency isn’t inherently bad, a lot can be learned here, too.

What is Prosperity?

Prosperity is different than wealth.

Wealth is the stockpiling of money or energy. It is heavy and complicated and stagnates.

Prosperity flows. It gives and it receives. It’s about spending the right way- to enhance, inspire, simplify, and lighten. Philanthropy is not the privilege of the wealthy, but a requirement of the healthy.

Prosperity is about simplicity and the essential.

You may want to take an inventory of your own life to decide what is essential and what is not?

Contemplate: How do you spend your time? What does essential mean for you? What does personal enrichment mean to you? How do you accumulate weight?

Contemplate: Can you truly see yourself as being prosperous?

To prosper is to serve. The Pearl sequence will help you see how and where you are best designed to serve your higher purpose.

Ack yourself, how can be of greatest service to the whole? (I have this question set as a daily reminder on my phone.)

Sphere of Vocation

Your Sphere of Vocation is the lower left sphere of the Pearl Sequence triangle. Your Sphere of Vocation shows you the unique way in which you can contribute to the world and fulfill your purpose. It dives into your innate talents, skills, and passions.

At the Shadow frequency…you don’t believe you can prosper doing what you love or postpone your dreams.

At the Gift frequency…you see your core talent. It requires you to stretch. And when you do, your fears are replaced with excitement.

Your line in this sphere shows you your role in the collective.

Note: No line is better or worse than another. We are all here to play our part to truly make the world a better place.

Line 1 – Production (scriptwriter)

• You are the midwife to our common future.

• You give birth to new impulses and initiatives.

• Look at your Gene Key to see where your creativity lies.

• You are here to carry here to carry out the corresponding Gift into this world. • Your greatest challenge is finding the right allies and realizing your limitations.

Line 2 – Marketer (agent)

• You are passionate, brilliant, fluid, effortless, and responsive.

• You build up a web of contacts and relationships.

• You are drawn to 1st line people to help them get their ideas into the right hands. • Nothing is more exciting to you than guiding a person, product, or idea out of obscurity into the light.

Line 3 – Strategy (producer)

• Of all the lines, you have the most potential for success in business.

• Beware, you can become a wealth-obsessed workaholic or have addictive tendencies. • At the Gift frequency, you will use your prodigious talent and energy to serve a higher purpose. • You are able to assess, plan, and implement and are great at streamlining.

• You work the hardest, but are most recognized and rewarded.

• The Agent (Line 2) may put you in touch with the Scriptwriter (Line 1), but you are the hub of the whole project.

Line 4 – Sales (director)

• You are a great friend-maker and spokesperson.

• You create more openness, help others overcome their fears, and are an example for open hearted communication.

• You can also be successful in business like the 3rd line, but your role and style is different. • You work closely with people and know what the “movie” should look like, which involved diplomacy, conviction, and focus.

• You are comfortable taking control and guiding others.

• You are here to influence humanity- don’t be afraid to stand alone.

Line 5 – Management (promoter)

• The weight of the future is on your shoulders.

• You have the power to change the world in conjunction with the 6th line.

• You’re a leader.

• You must ask yourself, what is the highest service I can perform for my fellow human beings and the earth? What is the most I can do in my lifetime?

• Your answers to these questions must be brought to as many people as possible. • You can make commerce a sacred means serving ourselves and the world a reality. • You are a promoter of a new ideal.

• It is an exciting time for 5th lines to be alive to smash old paradigms and innovating a new structure and language to maximize the genius of the human race.

Line 6 – Philanthropy (investor)

• 6th lines always stand apart from others.

• You are deeply rooted in vision and sustainability.

• Your role can be more challenging as you represent a future ideal that still has not fully come into the world.

• Philanthropy is the investment of energy, time, or money into an area where it will do the maximum amount of good.

• It’s not that you don’t care about individual suffering, but you are more concerned with finding a way to alleviate the whole culture that leads to that suffering.

• You wonder, what is the purpose of business? What use is financial success if we can’t see a vision beyond ourselves and current generation?

• You may feel like you don’t belong, but your time is quickly approaching.

• You need to work together with other 6th lines and all other lines to bring a new model into the world- one based upon the highest values of service to the whole.

• You get to choose who and what to invest in, but you don’t get to choose the outcome or how it gets there.

• You know generosity is the most potent force in the Universe.

Sphere of Vocation Contemplation

How can be the greatest service to the whole in my lifetime? Contemplate with your Gene Key and line.

• Have there been times you have tried playing or felt you needed to play the roles of other lines? How did that work out for you?

• As you contemplate your Sphere of Vocation, bring awareness to your spine and feel currents of prosperity flowing through.

Sphere of Culture

Your Sphere of Culture is located in the lower right corner of the triangle. Your Sphere of Culture helps you to call in your fractal line – a group of like-minded, open-hearted companions and allies who will aid you in fulfilling your external purpose in the world.

Symbolically, your Vocation is Nature and your Culture is Nurture. Your Sphere of Culture helps you recognize how you fit into the human fractal jigsaw puzzle.

At the Shadow frequency…you are directly blocking prosperity from flowing in your life. You need to overcome the fear of this Shadow to unlock your Gift. Focus on the ideal of service coming from your heart.

At the Gift frequency…you propel creativity. When looking at the Gene Key in your Sphere of Culture, ask, how does this gift fit best into society? What’s my role in the orchestra?

Line 1 – Individual

• You are self-motivated and a well-spring for something new.

• Individual doesn’t mean selfish, but it could become self-absorbed.

• It takes courage to stand alone and not “fit in”.

• Stand in your ideal and watch your fractal gravitate towards you.

• Recognize your dreams once out into the world will take on a life of their own. Your ego may be glued to “that was my idea,” but realize your gift has been fulfilled and your work is done. • Your real love isn’t the end result, but the creative process.

Line 2 – Partnership

• You thrive in partnerships.

• You come alive when chemistry is right, your gifts are recognized, and you recognize other’s gifts. • The secret to your success is frequency as you will draw people to you that match your capacity. • You do best in 1:1 situations.

• If you compromise your gifts, your partnership will never feel balanced.

• You will experience many partnerships in life (this doesn’t mean infidelity).

• Your relationships are specific- you don’t have friends or contacts “just because”. Line 3 – Unit

• You thrive in small group settings, 3-15 people.

• You come alive through diversity, dynamism, and exchanging ideas and opinions. • You have flexibility, patience, wisdom, and a good sense of humor.

• True prosperity for you is more about excitement and interaction than any result. • At the center of synarchy (how we all come together), you convert ideals and transmissions from Lines 1 and 2 into strategies rolled into the networks and societies of Lines 4 and 5. • You are an extraordinary force for good.

Line 4 – Network

• You are the primary building block for collective consciousness.

• You require a new way of thinking, “synthinking” – an intuitive way of using logic that can see and map holographic patterns behind evolution.

• You are highly attuned to synchronicity.

• You may isolate yourself, have a lack of boundaries, or fear your responsibility of your position in the global synarchy.

• You must overcome these inner obstacles by reopening your heart.

• You are fascinated by other cultures.

• Stay rooted in your own culture while embracing other cultures.

Line 5 – Society

• The 5th Line Shadow has been operating for hundreds of years.

• You see it particularly in the past as the Empires and today as big business and politics (too obsessed with power).

• But, you have the potential to lead us into a brighter future.

• With a healed heart, the 5th Line is no longer motivated by power, but driven by the urge to solve large-scale problems.

• The 5th Line shadow may also be too afraid of its own power. Your challenge is to open your heart to its highest potential.

• You recognize the importance of each member of society.

• You have the ability to get things done. You bring to life ideas birthed by 1st Lines and make it practical and accessible for all.

• Your charisma, love, and generosity of spirit will help change the world, but you need to live a life of action.

Line 6 – System

• In the past, this was seen as the domain of religious authority or the outcast. • You have a powerful intuition about the holistic nature of the cosmos.

• You are seen as special, but sometimes culture can be cruel to such people. • You have no real interest in power.

• You carry a huge spiritual longing.

• You are not confined to any single viewpoint.

• You must learn to embrace life and at the same time be a witness to it, and you must be willing to play your role whole-heartedly.

• You are always looking to the future and our next evolution.

• Your challenge is finding a way to be at peace with yourself.

• Your final revelation is that it doesn’t matter what you do in life, it only matters how you do it. • The system is nature itself.

Contemplations for the Sphere of Culture

• Consider the Nature of the Gift and Siddhi of your Gene Key and intuit how it might emerge through your Line theme.

• The Sphere of Culture is about surrender.

• You don’t have to find your place in the whole because the whole will always steer you to the right place.

Sphere of Your Brand

This is the top sphere in your Pearl Sequence triangle (it may be labeled “Life’s Work”). Your Brand is your outward expression. It is the extension of your spirit and personality. When you get your Brand right, your life’s work can be expressed effectively and fluidly.

In business, you are the product. The product and its branding are simply an excuse for you to communicate a frequency down your fractal line. And in the end, what we are really selling is truth.

At the Shadow frequency…you won’t shine your light. You try to be like someone else.

At the Gift frequency…you feel your inner and outer life align. You recognize we are all here to sell our slice of truth.

In the descriptions of the Lines below, the first word represents the “quality” and the word in parentheses represents the “method”. The Line aspect is also linked to your tone of voice and even how you dress.

In general, Lines 1 and 2 are physical, Lines 3 and 4 are emotional, and Lines 5 and 6 are mental. Line 1 empowers. Line 2 mesmerizes. Line 3 tickles. Line 4 opens others up. Line 5 guides. Line 6 can completely change someone’s worldview.

Fine tune your Brand to the perfect pitch so that your inner life becomes manifest in your other life. Line 1 – Boldness (security)

• You love to research because you must feel grounded in knowledge before you speak. • Others immediately sense your authority and feel at ease.

• And you are here to put people at ease (security).

• You are here to help others confront their fears and inspire them to self-empowerment. • Look at your Gene Key through the lens of the sense of security it can bring others. • Look at the Shadow of your Gene Key to find the very fear you’re here to help others transform.

Line 2 – Passion (vision)

• You express passion through life and work.

• Your expression has less to do with content and more with style and performance. • The best way for you to communicate is to be creatively free.

• Choose the doors that suit you best…artistic expression, metaphor, enactment, rapture, embodied emotion, movement, etc.

• You have to let go of caring what others think of you.

• You sell your product through image.

• It’s all about how aesthetic things are or how beautiful or shocking an image you can leave people with.

• Imagine how you can project your Gene Key’s Gift and Siddhi through some kind of direct or indirect image or metaphor.

• If you can find a way to express your Gift and Siddhi aesthetically through whatever medium your drawn to, then you are likely to get great recognition and success.

Line 3 – Humor (pleasure)

• You pack a lot of experiences in to your life as this line is all about experiential wisdom. • You’re here to learn from a variety of experiences along the pain/pleasure spectrum. • You have so many experiences you may feel like you’ve lived many lives in this lifetime. • As you contemplate, look deeply into the Shadow of your Gene Key and see how many stories have emerged I your life through this theme.

• Every disappointment and every jubilation enriches your life and helps you become a light hearted person who can bring solace through your compassionate and balanced worldview. • You catch the attention of others by making them laugh.

• You can teach others to laugh at themselves because you can laugh at yourself. • You are a pleasure-giver.

• Your sense of humor flows naturally from your heart, not as a distraction from pain. • You sell your product by making others feel good about themselves.

Line 4 – Heart (feelings)

• You are open and honest.

• Your communication must always be through the heart.

• You are here to put heart back into business, to remind people that life must have a higher ideal, and we must measure ourselves against that ideal.

• This reinforces our humanity to become more humble and motivated to improve our lot. • Your ad campaign is based on real human examples without the need to conjure an image or make you laugh.

• It allows others to speak directly out of their hearts form pain and/or pleasure.

• Your power lies in authenticity and directness.

• You are the most natural salesperson out of all the lines because you engender trust by telling it like it is and leaving one to dream of how it could be.

Line 5 – Wisdom (solutions)

• You’re not focused on or even interested in feelings.

• At its worse, the 5th Line may use feelings to manipulate.

• At its best, the 5th Line uses feelings to serve others.

• You know feelings need to be taken into account, but also know that prosperity is about balance. • You are practical and you have practical compassion.

• You have great inner wisdom when you learn to listen to learn how and when to act appropriately.

• In advertising, you offer us solutions to the issues in our lives.

• Learn how to balance listening with action.

• Make sure you can deliver what you promise.

Line 6 – Vision (education)

• You are a visionary.

• You are most in tune with the long-term needs of others.

• Your only true means of communication is through education.

• You don’t offer solutions, you offer education.

• You think at the system level.

• You consider how nature works and creates environments in which people can discover themselves and what’s best for them.

• If truly successful, the 6th Line puts themselves out of business because it teaches others so well they no longer need you.

• You must be formal and logical in your presentation and communication.

• In advertising, you sell more than just a product- you invite people to come and study the purpose of the product, how to enjoy and understand it, and at the deepest level, how they can make it themselves.

• You carry a generous transcendent vision that will ultimately lead us all towards a great collective prosperity.

Contemplations for the Sphere of Your Brand.

• Contemplate your Gene Key and line of your Brand.

• Dream into yourself the Siddhi frequency and imagine the possibilities.

Sphere of the Pearl

The Pearl sphere is located in the center of the triangle in your Pearl Sequence. It represents what returns to us from the Universe once we have surrendered to our higher service. It is not a reward, but a harvest we experience in our everyday life. Your Pearl brings you back to the essential.

The Gene Key and Line of your Pearl is a path you must follow. Recognize it may take time for you to understand its meaning.

At the Shadow frequency…you forget about what is important in life. You are tight instead of generous. At the Gift frequency…it’s about awareness.

Line 1 – Simplicity

• Money isn’t that important to you, you’re most interested in creating.

• But money is needed so you’re free to continue creating.

• You must cultivate a vision of simplicity.

• The worst thing for you is clutter.

• You must always stay close to nature.

• The simpler your life, the happier you’ll be.

Line 2 – Recognition

• Line 2 loves to display, but it doesn’t do it for recognition unless it feels insecure. • You can’t help but be recognized for your effortlessness and laid-back, natural, and flowing approach to life.

• You’re here to learn how to receive through recognition.

• You love to share your fruits and fortunes with others.

• You love to recognize others.

• You will always enjoy investing in someone you truly believe in.

• Prosperity to you is mostly finding the people in your life who you recognize and who recognize you at a soul level.

• Take a look at your Siddhi to see what you’re truly here to be recognized for as it is through this quality money and fortune will find you.

Line 3 – Celebration

• Money for you is for celebration life with others.

• You love to party, entertain, and be entertained as an expression of your love for life. • You have a big personality.

• You are the catalysts, rousers, and awakeners of the world.

• It is possible for you to attract a great deal of money into your life.

• You like to spend your money on things that increase joy.

• Contemplate the myriad of creative ways you can celebrate your Gene Key quality with the world.

Line 4 – Charity

• You will help many throughout your lifetime.

• Your greatest joy is to touch the hearts and lives of others.

• Life will tend to bring you together with those in need.

• You are filled with gratitude when you share your Gifts.

• This line is more about service than money, but you may be able to attract large amounts of money to share with others.

• Contemplate your Gene Key to guide you how to best help others.

Line 5 – Power

• This is a line of responsibility as many depend on you.

• Responsibility is as natural to you as breathing.

• You are here to shape humanity at a broader level than the other lines.

• You will always have the greatest impact when you allow others to be self-empowered. • You are here to bring positive change into the world- ensure your vision aligns with this mission. • Of all the lines, you have the most potential to draw the most money into your life. • Your highest role is to balance the world economy by helping the wealthy donate their money to places and communities that are in lack.

Line 6 – Vision

• You look ahead to a time when money is no longer needed.

• You are the vision-holder of the truth of sustainability.

• You hold the keys to the future and the past through an absolute trust of the eternal present.

Sphere of the Pearl Contemplations

• Contemplate your Shadow by thinking in terms of this tightness of spirit.

• Contemplate your Gift as a springboard into lucid inner seeing.

• Contemplate how your Gene Key and Line can help you travel the path of the Pearl.

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