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How to Get "Unstuck" in your Life and Business

Everything is going great, you're working hard, you are happy, healthy, your business is running smooth, and then BAM!

Even a small trigger can send our seemingly put together lives into disarray and it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos, that we end up just feeling “stuck”. It’s not the triggers or chaos that distract us from what we really want with our business and income, it’s that we allow it to take us out of the game for way too long. When you find yourself feeling unmotivated, get yourself off the sidelines and back in the business game with these tips to increase your bounce back rate to get back on track!


Next time you feel a trigger, take a moment to pause and feel into your body. Ignoring the signs your nervous system is giving you only kicks the can down the road (for a REAL meltdown later). After the pause, use this breathing technique to bring you back to center: the 4-7-8 technique. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for 7, and exhale for 8. It helps to lower the heart rate, decrease stress, and the lighten the pressure you’re feeling.

Clean up

Your outer world reflects your inner world so if you’re feeling chaotic inside, your outside is going to reflect it as well.

Remember the clean up song you have to sing to your toddler to get them to pick up their toys? That’s what you need to sing to yourself now! When your space is a mess, it feels like your life and business is too but this simple fix will help you get back that motivation to keep on getting everything back together.

Start with your desk, your room, or whatever space you are around the most and choose a small thing to begin such as picking up all of the pens or dirty laundry and putting them away or get them ready for the wash. When you complete even a small task from start to finish, it’s that stepping stone to calming the chaos. When your space is collected, so are you!

Schedule some intentional down time

When you are always taking care of others, it is easy to lose yourself in the daily tasks and commitments and it can quickly feel like you’re drowning. This is why intentionally scheduling time in your schedule where you are off is essential to you and your business. Whether it’s a 20 minute bubble bath with a glass of wine, or catching up on the most dramatic season of the bachelor yet can be just the thing you need to bound back.

Make a list

When your mental to-do list is getting too long, clear it out by making that mental list into an actual pen and paper list. Not only does writing it out free up the chaos, but it is always satisfying to check a box and cross of your big tasks. Even small tasks feel incredibly overwhelming, but even crossing those off gives a huge sense of accomplishment.

Find inspiration for your motivation

When you can’t garner any inspiration within, start looking for it around you by changing your environment. Take a long walk with your dog, go inside to a new coffee shop to read a novel or write, wherever it is getting up and changing your scenery can be that motivating factor you’re looking for.

Additionally, strive to inspire and find those who inspire you. Join a club of like minded people, call your mother for a chat about life, channel your inner thoughts and find inspiration in the world!

The more your surround yourself in an environment and with people that lift you up, the better you will always be.

No matter how smooth or solid your business is, life tends to get chaotic and that’s okay! We all get stuck, but it’s the rebound/bounce back rate that matters the most. The list above are just some tips to help you get back on track and start being the boss we all know you are! If you liked this blog post, share some ways YOU get un-stuck!

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