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How to Raise Your Vibration

We’ve all heard the phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe” right? It’s cliche for sure, but it’s cliche because it’s true! Raising your vibration not only attracts others who match it, but it attracts more good things in your life too - and who doesn’t want that?

Like attracts like, and if you are ready to raise your vibe and keep it high, keep reading for some tools, techniques and practices to get you those results!

First: energy is everything.

Subconsciously, we are always vibrating at a certain frequency and whether we are aware of it or not, our internal is resonating with the external all the time.

In business, it’s essential to pay attention to your energy and your emotions, as your emotions are that conscious awareness of this subconscious frequency.

For example, if your vibration is low, you’re only going to attract things into you life that match it, which tends to create situations that are not in your favor. If you stay there, not conscious of it, these unfavorable situations will cycle on repeat.

So, how can you avoid this cycle and keep your vibe as high as possible?

Start by remembering that you are your own first client. When you feel good, it’s easy to help others feel good too, and makes running your own company, growing your team, and helping others a joy instead of a chore.

On that note, if you’re ready to raise your vibration to attract those favorable situations in your life, keep reading for your must-have tips.

1) Embrace the Stillness and be Silent.

If you want to raise your vibration, you first have to learn to sit down and shut up.

This is counterintuitive to most of us, especially entrepreneurs. We are always on the go, putting out fires, meeting and checking in with clients. The world is loud, and we are busy, so it is a practice to learn how to be quiet and still. Meditating is a key practice to do so. Being still and silent while meditating allows us to receive downloads from the Universe, get clarity and support in your life and business.

Morning meditations not only raises your vibration, but it helps you start the day feeling grounded in your body, neutral and relaxed, not charged in response mode. You begin your day in receiving mode instead.

Few more points about meditation. The standard pose for mediation is the yoga pose with your legs crossed and back straight. When you cross your legs, you are connecting both hemispheres of your brain, and are allowing them to communicate with each other.

(Have you noticed that when you’re just relaxing at home on the couch, you often have your legs crossed? This is because it helps you get into a parasympathetic nervous system response, which makes you feel at peace instead of stressed.)

Yoga poses aren’t random. Yoga positions resonate with the sacred geometry of the planet, thereby resonating with those structures that put you at the healing frequency.

When you meditate to raise your vibe, begin by getting nice and relaxed. Then close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Focus on deeply breathing in positive energy, and exhaling all that anxiety, fear, and scarcity.

Taking three more of those deep, focused breaths, then picture a light at the crown on your head. Feel that light connect you to the Divine, following you with healing, love, positive intentions, and intuition to support me in all that you do.

Let that light radiate all the way down to your toes, down to the core of the Earth, and set the intention that it’s positively impacting every single thing on the planet. Good vibes for you, and for all others around you.

2) Listen to High-Vibe Sounds

A quick easy way to raise your vibration is to listen to high-vibe music and sounds. These include solfeggio sounds (look up 396 Hz) and binaural beats. Sound bowls also allow you to create these sounds at home.

Solfeggio sounds match with the chakras, and are an excellent way to release and reset, while binaural beats calm your mind and body. There is even some thought that people get a “high” from listening binaural beats, who knows? But it’s worth a shot!

There’s so much energy flowing through us at all times, so sound healing is a powerful, quick tool to calm and center your nervous system, and raise your vibe too!

If sound therapy isn’t your thing and your energy is off, put on some energetic music and declutter your space.

Our inner world always manifests in our outer world, so if your environment is feeling chaotic, tidying up — even if it’s just organizing one drawer — will help you feel more at peace.

3) Be Genuinely Kind

Raise your vibration by being genuinely kind to others.

This sounds obvious, but it’s shocking how many people do not understand the importance of this… and being genuinely and generously kind is not often discussed as a way to raise your vibration.

It’s not always about affirmations, manifestation, mindset tactics and strategies. In fact, the daily little choices that you make contribute far more to the quality of your life, abundance, and happiness.

Not just your life, but others’ too because the reality is we’re all connected.

Take a moment and remember when you were on the receiving end of it. Ever have a bad day, and someone just smiles at you? That small act of kindness made your day a whole lot better. So take that, and be intentional about kindness.

Smile to everyone as you walk down the street.

Say hi to people on the elevator.

Ask your local barista how their day is going, then leave a huge tip.

Why not?

Why not be a genuinely, over generously kind person?

Everything you put out, you get back… so if you want to raise your vibration, put out as much kindness and goodness you possibly can and be grateful and receptive when it flows back to you.

4) Practice Forgiveness & Send Love

I once read a quote from a psychiatrist that the majority of mental health patients could be healed if they learned how and could forgive others and themselves. Forgiveness releases us from the past, and allows us to send love to people and situations that we feel negativity about.

Some people choose to be miserable and negative… but you don’t have to be one of them. Also, you don’t have to let them bring you down. Know that how someone acts is 95% to do with them, and very little to do with you. The reality that those who spend their time gossiping and judging show their own jealous and limited inner dialogue.

If there is a situation that is not serving you (whether it is a relationship, client, employee, etc) practice “bless and release” rather than letting those lower limiting vibrations affect you.

The comparison game runs rampant in our world today with social media, curated posts and grids. Too often we compare our real life to others’ highlight reel and become resentful. But no one gets ahead in life by projecting that negativity onto others.

Forgive yourself, forgive others and make it a conscious practice to release the past, release the negativity and actively cheer others on - send love instead and watch how it comes back to you!

5) Set Boundaries

We will dive more into this in next week’s blog, but as you work to raise your vibration, be aware of the energetic connection you have with others…. Especially if you are an empath. Pay attention to those who light you up, and those that weigh you down, draining your time and energy.

A good way to set boundaries with people who drain your emotions, is to practice cord cutting. Cord cutting is a process of energetically cutting ties with someone so you can set that emotional boundary - especially if this person will always be in your life.

In conclusion, remember that you are in control of how high you want your vibrations to be, and you are in control of the business and life you create! Are you ready to see what’s possible? Give these tips and try, and let me know what works for you!

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