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The Secret to Showing Up and Crushing Your Goals

"Do what you have to do today in order to be who you want to be tomorrow."

How are you showing up in your business? Are you working on your business stuck in the daily tasks of checking the boxes, focused on where you are at in the moment? Or are you showing up each day acting today how you want to act in the future?

If you are finding yourself in the first camp, take a moment and check in with yourself, asking, "What could I be doing right now, tomorrow, next week, all month… in order to become who I need to be in order to do the things I want to do?

When you have big dreams, you have to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, by knowing who you really are. You have to be confident with your abilities so you can put the work in that's needed in order to see it all the way through.

However, if you aren’t confident in who you are, what you want, and what you can do… you will always have a hard time putting yourself out there to the world. And if you can't show up in your business beaming with that confidence? Well, it's going to hurt. It's not only going to hurt your bottom line, but it will lead straight to burn out.

This is why an honest check in is needed, to ask yourself how you are showing up in the day to day.

If you are finding yourself stuck in a business rut, here are some tools to shift gears and gain that brilliant confidence.

First Step: Become Highly Self Aware

I'm not talking navel gazing or being highly critical. Self-awareness is about becoming a "curious observer" to your mind.

Why are you doing what you're doing? What is causing you to not be consistent? How can you start showing up in a bigger way?

Becoming aware of the running soundtrack in your mind is essential to know what's behind the hesitancy to make changes. Maybe doubt is clouding your mind and affecting your business strategy. What thoughts can you stop in their tracks, and start re-framing?

Becoming highly self aware allows you to clear your mind, and when you operate your business with clarity - it's easier to make profitable decisions to get you where you want to be.

Next Step: Become Friends With Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses

Be proud to share what you do, your knowledge, your gifts and where you really excel!

Always share how you do the things that you do well. You have no idea who might need to hear it or who could benefit from your skills. In fact, I go so far to say that it is your moral obligation to share your gifts with the world.

When you let go of the fear of being judged to embracing your purpose and service, you will take major strides to move forward!

Along with your strengths - get real with yourself about your weaknesses. Nothing kills a business faster than over-promising and under-delivering. Never let your ego convince you that you need to do it all. It's important to always remain a student; willing to learn from those who are doing what you want to do.

Hire experts on your business team, be willing to accept that you have room to grow. Let education and help from others boost your confidence as you see how powerful your mind is, but clear your plate by hiring out tasks in your business that you know you are weak in. (P.S. This is where we really excel! As your "back pocket business team" we are your one stop for experts in business strategy, marketing, branding, and coaching. Contact us to see how we can give you back your time and move your business forward!)

Now - Put it Into Practice

Now that you’ve become aware of your mind, and honest about your strengths and weaknesses, you know what you need to start focusing on.

You now have some great material to share with your audience as well as some task ideas for yourself weekly. Keep in mind your weaknesses which you can speak on as you’re learning to build them up. For your confidence, remember you have many strengths as well that need to be shared with others.

Each day, plan to put into practice both consistency in your strong points and equal work into your weaknesses.

Never be scared to share the process of both with your audience!! They love to know that you are human, that you are working on your own struggles, and they are interested in your goals.

This is what I always want you to get back to when you’re feeling down or unsure about what your next step is. Decide to step up and put your practices into action.

Remember - do the things you need to do in order to become the person you want to be!

P.S. Need some help with mindset and clarity? Grab Intentions with the steps you need to move your business forward in 2023!

We help women business owners boldly hold their value and operate their business in their zone of genius by providing a back pocket business team - the one-stop shop for busy entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to take back their time and increase their profits with the people and systems to scale your business.

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