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Why Business Strategies are a MUST for Entrepreneurs - (Part 1)

Female entrepreneur

If you've been an entrepreneur for more than a minute, you've already come up to this question, "What happens when I have to take a break?" The beauty of owning your own business is the flexibility it provides, however when it all depends on your output, that flexibility flies out the window. Systems are key, not only to give you that freedom but also to provide you with something to lean into so you don't have to be working hard all the time.

I saw this quote this morning, that said (basically) that just as time is a circle, working hard all the time will keep you in that same loop. Instead of scaling your business and enjoying the freedom and flexibility, you'll just continue running around and around in circles... never getting anywhere or hitting your goals.

You have to have balance: exercising, eating right, taking care of your health, working, providing a service spending time with the people that matter. All of these are essential components of that productivity system for your life and business. And when things get out of balance... that's when the struggle and "running in circles" hits. Yet, most people don't realize that integrating a system that runs on repeat is the answer. Keep reading to learn why and how to integrate a system that works for you and your business so you can stop running around in circles and start being intentional about your business.

Why having Strategic Systems are So Important

The first essential system you need is one that helps you work on your mindset. We help our clients with this on our calls by making sure they have some take-aways and action items to implement right away. Here's I share with my own clients around mindset, systems, productivity and strategy.

I think one of the things we do when we get busy is, we fail to lean into the system. And then, we fail to execute. And then the numbers and the results that we’re getting don’t match the work that we’re putting in. This is a mindset problem, particularly tackling limiting beliefs come up for you over and over. Incorporating mindset strategy allows you to re-write those old stories.

The second system to incorporate in your business is selling and marketing strategy. Most use these terms interchangeably- but they are a little different and you need to execute both. Here are some things to think about when implementing a sales and marketing strategy. First, sales is all about creating relationships and just like any relationships, you need to be consistent. It needs to be tracked to these relationships don't fall through the cracks. Marketing strategy is how people will find you, and where you can cultivate these relationships. Are you on social media? Do you engage? Or do you "post and ghost"? Marketing strategy allows you remain top of mind to your ideal audience. This includes an email system, blogs, in-person events, and while all these platforms seem overwhelming - SYSTEMS allow you execute this market on repeat so you can start being productive, instead of just being busy.


Want to know what all entrepreneurs have in common? We all have ADD/ADHD! While I consider it our unique super power, it's also why we resist structure. After all, structure seems the opposite of the flexibility we want, right?

Completely wrong. When you create and implement a sales strategy, you stop flying by the seat of your pants. Without structure, you'll just feel like you're working really hard for little results (e.g. maximum hours for minimum wage). If you can relate, I'm here to tell you that you probably resist structure and/or you're just not focused on the right things.

As a business coach and CEO of my company, I give the write tools to my clients and team so everyone has a system to fall back on and lean into. I can see both the holes in my own business (like where I'm not executing) and where I need to take a step back.

For my clients, I do a quick once over of their business to see if and where they are focusing on the wrong things to create a strategy or plan they can actually execute, track the numbers, or see where they need to step back and take a break. This is so essential no matter where you are in your business, and the sooner you get this dialed in, the better.

Balancing Your Time.

I used to say I hated the word balance, because I don’t believe that you can actually have balance when you’re building a business, traveling, and raising a family. The actual balance is the perfectly unbalanced balance. And feeling really good about the tasks that you can do and letting yourself off the hook for the things that you can’t. Because if you can’t or won't do that, you’ll really find that you’re always feeling negative about your business, and that negativity will build. So let's move away from that and put some tools in your toolbox, so that when that does happen, you have the mindset or the belief or ability to make a shift.

Harmony is the wordI use to describe this unbalanced balance. Because it is. Some days you’re going to be totally immersed working on your health. Some days you’re going to be totally immersed in your family. Some seasons of time you’re going to be totally taken over with stuff at work. And what you have to learn to do is just give yourself a lot of grace and when you are executing a plan, or when you have identified what your core value things are, not only for your life, but for your business. Once you harmonize your core values with your time, everything else is just a bonus. When I see people make that shift, the overwhelm, anxiety, and all the things start to dissipate because they remain centered.

So let's ditch that negativity and shift to being open of the times when we have to step away. Then, when you do this, watch the creativity flow in so you can clear the mental clutter of your massive to-do list and come up with clear, sustainable solutions.

So how are you feeling about your systems? Do you have them in place? Is your business strategy structured? Or is it a free-for-all? Let's get you clear, and start at the beginning. With Legacy Creatives, you have a support team here in place to help you take things off your plate so you can take back your time so you can actually take a break.... And feel good watching your business run without everything depending on you. Want to learn more about working with us? Connect with us here!

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