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You Can’t Outrun a Messy File Cabinet or iCloud: 5 Reasons Why Systems are Key

Is a messy file cabinet or iCloud weighing your business down - literally and figuratively?

Is training employees a gruesome task, and just the thought of hiring makes your head hurt?

If running your business feels like it has become more stress than it’s worth, here are 5 reasons why having a working system within a business is essential to everything running smoothly and efficiently.

First Up: Record Keeping

If you have owned your business for a while and never put a system in place to keep all your records, now is the time. Having a system to keep all your records in one place is essential to the flow and ease of your business, and takes the headache out of future and financial references.

Nobody wants sloppy records when tax season comes along, so putting in a record keeping system today will save you a mountain of time and stress when you have to look back for a small piece of information you didn’t have a specific place to file.

Second Reason: Consistency

We have all heard the well-overused expression, “consistency is key” but the reason it’s cliché is because it is true. Having a consistent system in place allows your business to be consistent in the products and services you offer as well. Happy customers are the ones who know what to expect and when you deliver, they will pass it on as a reference to others!

Third Reason: Management

Management becomes so much easier with a system in place, and lessens the headache as your business grows with you. Having a system allows you to efficiently monitor the progress and efficiency of your employees and the systems in place to help you better improve your business to ensure success! If you see that something isn’t working right, you can look through all of your information, find the root of the problem, and try another solution.

Fourth Reason: New Hires

Training your new hires moves from a difficult task to a well-performed drill to which your staff members can easily adapt and don’t need extra assistance to accomplish. Having a system will help new employees become more efficient members of your team and also help your original staff to better be able to educate and get back to doing their job!

Fifth (Last But Not Least) Public Relations:

With all these systems in place, running your business will be smoother than ever, and people will notice! When you go into a restaurant and you see that the waiters are angry and the kitchen is dirty, it is an immediate red flag! We want to go to places and associate with businesses that will help us in whatever way we need, stress-free. Having customers return is an assurance that your business is worthwhile, and having it well organized may be just what it takes to put your business ahead of the competition!

Although putting a system in place may be a time-consuming task at the time, it will provide your business with years of stress-free management and the best opportunities for success.

How are you with systems in your business? Are they working for you, or are you stuck on the hamster wheel working for it?

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