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Your Content Strategy, Simplified

Social Media is a beast within itself, and then to throw some strategy behind it? Forget it.

There is an insane amount of pressure to keep your insta feed constantly updated between posts/stories/reels (and that is just one platform) because how else are you going to keep people coming back?

So let us let you in on a secret, there is no point to posting on social if there isn’t a clear strategy behind it. Social media (particularly instagram and TikTok) are designed for consumers…. which means they are designed to KEEP people coming back and to stay on the platform as long as possible.

So how can you play the social media game to where people keep coming back to you?

It’s all in your content - and we’re helping you out to keep that content coming especially when you feel stuck!

1- Shout Out Another Creator (Community over Competition - right?)

If you’re feeling stuck for content, re-post or share a story of something that resonated with you! Eating lunch at a cute cafe? Grabbing coffee? Snap a picture and give them a shout out (And don’t forget to tag them, so they can share it on their story as well)!

2- Throw out a Motivational Quote or two

Maybe ”Find the beauty in every day” seems lame and overused, however it is a GOOD reminder for you and others to do the same! Give them that line from their favorite song or a quote from an author they have never heard of, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, it’s a seed you can plant that can only grow into positivity, not to mention…content!

3- Life happens, so be authentic about it!

Were you at the grocery store yesterday and a stranger told you your hair looks nice? Or did you run into an old friend? These kinds of things are special, and you want to remember those moments. So write them down! Your blog can be like a personal diary to track your life moments and share with others the good, the bad, the ugly, but most importantly the beautiful. Or your blog can promote your business, tell little anecdotes about how you got started and give people tips with your real-life experiences mixed in! Life is going to happen, so track it all and it will save you your memories, and give you more content to put out.

4 - What are you a beginner at?

Social media is flooded with “experts”, the same inspirational quotes (which we absolutely told you to use above), selfies, and bikini pics. However, it is not flooded with beginners. This is where you can stand out. Taking up a new hobby or venture can absolutely take you page and business to the next level… ESPECIALLY if you track how you started as a beginner.

Not only can picking up a hobby or learning about something new improve what you put out, it gives you more things to create aka content! And keep your followers wanting more, waiting to see what you do next with your talents!

Remi Ashton once said “content, baby, content” and she was right. You need to get that content up to keep those followers up, consider using the tips above to help you along in your journey to find that content strategy… and keep them coming back for more!

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